Cursing the 72 “Names of God”

This is THE most important and the most powerful Reverse Torah Ritual we will be doing. Because of the length of this ritual, I added in superscript, the number of each of the three letter names to eliminate confusion. The following are also divided into 4 sections; lines 1, 2, 3 and 4. Lilith explained that each of the former rituals was like “peeling an onion” in the way of stripping the enemy of their power.

This ritual can be repeated as many times as you wish. You can begin this ritual at any time.

The words below are to be vibrated. By vibrating these words, this will strip the Jews of both protection and power. The more people we have who will be doing this ritual, the better, as there is both strength and power in numbers.

This ritual should be done as often as you are able to, and is a very good cathartic when you feel anger and hatred towards the enemy. All you need to do is vibrate the 4 lines [72 three letter names] below at least one time, preferably three times.

Please read through the pronunciation directly below. Most of the letters here are repeats. I have included an mp3 of the words for you all to download. Please Click Here

For a PDF copy of this ritual Please Click Here

Key to pronouncing the words correctly:

• AH as in the American English word father
• Ah the lower case h indicates a very small H sound, like H- a small exhale
‘AH Glottal stop as in the American English word hour
• AI as in the American English words day, say, made
• AY as in the American English words day, say, made
• AYh – you will see this often, the vowel sound is between a long A as in case, and a short e as in pet.
• EE as in the American English words seek and week
• EH as in the American English words pet, set, and let
• KH is guttural and the sound is made in the back of the throat
• OH as in the American English words oh and go
• OI as in the American English word oil
‘OH Glottal stop as in the American English word hour
• OHy The lower case y indicates a very short Y sound
• R's should be rolled
• TH soft TH as in the American English words thin, thick
TH [underlined] hard TH as in the American English words the, there, that
• TS, as in the American English word oats, or as in pizza
• UU as in the American English words sooth and tooth
• VW The V and W together is a cross between the letter V and the letter W. This is biblical Hebrew. Listen to the Mp3, or do the best you can. You can substitute the letter W and this will still be valid.


72 AIM AHVW AIM   •  71 OHy OHy AYh   •   70 AIM AYV OHy   •  

69 AYh ‘OH AYR   •   68 AHVW AYV AYKH   •   67 ‘AH OHy ‘OH   •  

66 OHK UUN AIM   •   65 AYBV AIM AHD   •   64 OHy AYKH AIM   •

63 AHVW UUN ‘AH   •   62 AYh AYh OHy   •   61 AYV AIM AHVW   •

60 AYR OHTS AIM   •   59 AYKH AYR AYh  •   58 AHL OHy OHy   •

57 AIM AIM UUN   •   56 OHy AHVW AIF   •   55 AYh AYB AIM   •


54 AHTH OHy UUN   •   53 ‘AH UUN UUN   •   52 AIM AIM ‘AH

51 EESH AYKH AYh   •  50 OHy UUN AHTH   •

49 AHVW AYh AHVW   •  48 AYh OHy AIM   •   47 AHL EESH ‘AH

46 OHy AYR ‘AH   •  45 AHL ‘AH AHSS   •   44 AYh OHL OHy •

43 AHL AHVW AHVW   •  42 AKH OHy AIM   •   41 AYh AYh AYh •

40 AHZ OHy OHy   •  39 ‘AH AYh AYR   •   38 AIM ‘AH AYKH •

37   •   OHy UUN ‘AH   •


36 AHTH UUN AIM   •   35 OHK AHVW OHK   •   34 AYKH AYh OHL   •

33 AHVH AYKH OHy   •   32 AYR EESH AHVW   •

31 AYV AHKH OHL   •   30 AIM AVW AH   •   29 OHy OHy AYR   •

28 AYh ‘AH EESH   •   27 AHT AYR OHy   •   26 ‘AH ‘AH AYh   •

25 AYh OHTH UUN   •   24 AHVH AYh AYKH   •   23 AYh OHL AIM   •

22 OHy OHy OHy   •   21 AKH AHL UUN   •   20 AHL AYh AYP   •



18 AHY OHL AHK   •   17 AHVW ‘OH AHL   •   16 AYM OHK AYh •

15 OHy AYR AYh   •   14 AYh AYVW AIM   •   13 AHL OHZ OH •

12 ‘AH AYh AYh   •   11 AHVW ‘OH AHL   •   10 AHTH OHL ‘AH

9 OHy OYZ AYh   •  8 AHTH AYh OHK   •   7 ‘AH AKH ‘AH •

6 AYh OHL OHL   •   5 EESH AYh AIM   •   4 AIM OHL ‘AH

3 AYT OHy AHSS   •  2 OHy OHL OHy   •   1 AHVW AYh AHVW •


After vibrating SATANAS, state with conviction 6 times:

• The Jews are fully exposed to the world
• The Jews have lost all protection
• The Gates of Satan have permanently opened wide
• The Jews have lost all of their influence and power over Gentiles
• The Jews have lost all of their power, control, and influence over the world
• Gentiles are powerfully and effectively reacting against the Jews

Vibrate AUM



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