Important Information on How to Perform the Reverse Torah Rituals

1. Raise your energies. Any formal ritual or working is empowered by raising the energies of your soul. Here is information on different ways to do this. Always do whatever you are comfortable with and what works best for you as an individual:

Raising Energies

To correctly vibrate SATANAS

2. The Invocation to Satan is optional. The reason for this is that these reverse torah rituals should be done as often as possible given their importance. Satan and Lilith want these to be as easy to do as possible, yet effective. By shortening the formal ritual, more people will be able to do them more often. There is both strength and power in numbers.

Invocation to Satan

3. After you have raised your energies and recited the Invocation to Satan, then you proceed to the important part of vibrating the words of power given for each ritual 9 times. The entire paragraph should be vibrated in its entirety for each time. Please listen to the audio recording specific to the ritual provided on an Mp3 for you to download, to make sure you are reciting the words of power properly.

4. When you are finished vibrating the words of power, then you recite the affirmation given with intent and focus.

5. When you are finished with this, the ritual is done.

We are facing a very serious situation. This is a life or death situation, especially in regards to the anti-war rituals. Many people are deluded and too weak to face reality, but this does not make the reality go away. The earth is in a disaster ecologically and has become a horrendous garbage dump. Safe food, water and even air are disappearing, for one and for another, given the missiles and the nuclear bombs, capable of destroying the entire earth over five times, everyone should be concerned.

Lilith informed me that the future is not written in stone so to speak and is open to change and it is very important that we alter the disastrous course that has been set in motion by the so-called “Holy Bible” which is nothing more than a human-hating manual for the destruction of civilization, along with the death and damnation of everything that is on this planet, along with that depraved and hideous Mudslime Koran, which is nothing more than a book of criminal insanity to its ugliest degree. For more information, please read:

Why There is Suffering? Satan Gives Answers

Unlike Christian and Mudslime programs, where one is told to “have faith” and not to ask questions, Satan encourages intelligence, inquiry, and SATAN GIVES ANSWERS. Always remember that no deception, no scam, no swindle or victimization can take place when the intended victim KNOWS AND HAS KNOWLEDGE.


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