Lilith's Power Ritual
by High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
  1. This Ritual is based on vibrating the Runes and making certain affirmations. Raising your energies before the Ritual is advised.
  2. The Sigil that is provided is the point of focus for this Ritual. It is this Sigil here.
  3. The Runes that are done here can be vibrated around the center of the Sigil, where the Shenu Protection Ring is. You can imagine this lighting up so much, like the Sun has a layer of light surrounding all of it.
  4. Vibrate these Runes in a short version [i.e., do not draw the runic vibration on a very big breath, especially for those who are new and can't do that many vibrations].

Start by Vibrating the letters of the Runes and then affirming once the following:

Lagur Rune

Lagur x5

Ingwaz Rune

Ingwaz x5

Dagaz Rune

Dagaz x5

Then affirm ONCE:

Mother Lilith, Mother of Mothers,
Wife of Lord Lucifer, Lord of the Light,
Queen of all Un-Manifested Domains,
Incarnated Shakti and over-ruling power of the Universe,
Limitless mother of all the Worlds!

Take away the veil of LITHI (Greek term of forgetfulness) from our spiritual eyes,
Shine on us the infinite wisdom,
For Father Satan and You are the Holy and Divine Eternal Force.

[Focus on the Sigil willing this so]

Eihwaz Rune

Eihwaz x5

Uruz Rune

Uruz x5

Kenaz Rune

Kenaz x5

Then affirm ONCE:

Patron of females and Feminine Power,
Your wisdom heals, your serpent Rises,
Your Protection is insurmountable,
Your Judgement immaculate.
Your Power is Infinite.

We pray in the utmost respect to be partakers in your blessings and your love.
Remember the people of the Joy of Satan, your kind and loving Initiated daughters and sons.

[Focus on the Sigil willing this so]

Vibrate Her Names 10x: "Lilith, Lily, Lilitu, Kali, Parvati, Theotita, Mitir"

Then Affirm ONCE:

Mother of all Mothers, Mystery of the Domains, Patron of all knowledge and Secrets!

We, the Initiates of the Joy of Satan, give you our salutation and blessings,
Most Mysterious of all Goddesses,
You who hold the invisible keys and the pathway to the highest heavens,
But also hold the power to strike the impious to the lowest depths of existence.

Final Step:

After you are done with this, you can meditate on the sigil below. Let yourself be immersed and receive energy from Lady Lilith.

It's important to meditate on yourself after the Ritual calmly for a few minutes.

Ritual Notes:
सत् = SAT, real, true, truthful in Sanskrit

To pronounce the Runes

Raising your Energies

Offline Version

The Symbol that encapsulates the Sigil: The Shen Ring, Egyptian Hieroglyphic language. The Shen also survived in Chinese tradition as a glyph for Spiritual Force, Divine Force, and God.

The letters of the sigil inside: The Ancient Greek letters for Lilith's name in arrangement.

Sigil For Focus: