Shattering Jewish Soul Protection RTR
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This Ritual is one addition to the other parts of the Final RTR Ritual [Killing tetragrammaton and killing the Hebrew alphabet. Specifically this Ritual will destroy all their defenses and rip them apart, to make other rituals work even more powerfully.
The Ritual has been created out of secret texts of the enemy, which they have shared only to their closed circles, and is extremely devastating as it should be. Below are instructions for doing this Ritual:

1. In the picture provided [scroll below], there are arrows. These show direction.

2. Start from the first word [EE-AAHN-OH-DA], vibrate it with hate and intent to destroy the hebrew word in the first square, then blot out the first square. After the blotting, one must focus on the fact this has been destroyed permanently.

3. After this, one moves into the first triad, which is to be done x6 times for each name [LAH-EH YOH-HAH], [LAH-EH YOH-HAH], etc, then [LEH-AH FAH-RR], [LEH-AH FAH-RR], etc. After these triads are completed, the letters are blotted out, and one proceeds to the next triad in the same way.

4. When all of the triads are done, one goes on the center, and does x6 times the two longer words, blotting them out similarly, finishing these squares.

5. Vibrate MEE-DU-EH-EEYY and blot out the Jewish Star, reversing it's word.

6. Chant EE-AAHN-OH-DA once, and proceed with the destructive affirmation for all of these to finish them off.

Use your mouse or touchscreen to blot out each square. On a touchscreen, use one finger to draw and two fingers to scroll the page.

x6 [LEH-AH • FAH-RR]
x6 [LEH-EEM-HH • SH]
x6 [LEH-EE • RUU]
x6 [LEH • MAH-RR]
x6 [LEH-EE • DAH-PP]
x6 [HAH-EE-KAHT • ZUH • EE] x6 [AAH-HAH-EE • EE-KAHZ • UHH • TT] x6

Now, affirm 3 times:

• The spiritual protection of all jews and rabbis is permanently dead and erased.

• The protective angels and thoughtforms of jews are now permanently dead and erased.

• Jews are defenseless from any and all sides, and in any and all worlds of existence.

• All hate, psychic attacks, and negative karma has manifested fully on the jews and the jewish people.

• Jews are completely defenseless against Satan and His Demons.

• The Soul of Egypt has overpowered that of Judea. The soul of Judea is crashed, destroyed, and shattered in all levels of existence, now and forever.

All jewish plans of world conquest have failed, and the jews have been defeated completely and permanently.


Now, close the webpage to fully destroy the blotted out letters and symbols.

It is strongly recommended that you clean your aura afterward.


[The H here is not to be vocalized, it's almost not heard]

• AH as in Saw, Awe, Paw
• AI or AY as in Bay, Say, Aim
• DH a hard TH, as in The
• DU as in Doom
• EE as in Meet, Seed, Seem
• EEYY as in Pee but elongated like the Y in Day
• EH as in Let, Set, Met
• GG lightly vibrated as in Gate but holding the GG
• FAH as in Fad, Family
• HH as in Hot, HH vibrated in the back of the throat
• I or IH as in Sit, Miss, Hit
• KOHK as in Coke, Coal, Course
• KH vibrated lightly in the back of the throat
• RR vibrated and rolled
• OH as in Open, Cold, Bold
• OO as in Zoom, Bloom
• TT vibrated lightly between two front middle teeth closer to the top pallet
• TS as in Pizza, Bats, Mats
• U as in Put, Hoof, Hook
• UH as in Hut, Hum, Mud
• YOH as in Yoga
• ZAH as in Zap

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