Reverse Torah Ritual for Reversing the Curse upon the Goat

The words below are to be vibrated. By vibrating these words, this puts a stop to Jewish blame-shifting to Gentiles, as these yearly torah readings keep Gentiles cursed and bound so that Gentiles cannot see the truth and the populace remains brainwashed and under the control of the Jews. This will destroy the enemy. The more people we have who will be doing this ritual, the better, as there is both strength and power in numbers. This ritual may also be done as often as you like, and is a very good cathartic when you feel anger and hatred towards the enemy. All you need to do is vibrate the paragraph below 9 times. Many of the words below are guttural. This means many syllables are vibrated in the back of the throat. Just do the best that you can. Practice the words [I have included an mp3 of the words for you all to download], as much as you can before performing the ritual.

Raise your energies and vibrate the paragraph below 9 times:




State with conviction 9 times:

• Vibrate AUM
• The entire Gentile world is fully aware of the Jews and their crimes against humanity
• Jewish blame-shifting their crimes onto Gentiles has ceased to be effective
• The Jewish scapegoat has come back to the Jews and has released all of their lies and crimes right back onto them
• Vibrate AUM


End of Ritual

Key to pronouncing the words correctly:

§ AH as in the American English word father
§ AY as in the American English words day, say, made
§ EE as in the American English words seek and week
§ EH as in the American English words pet, set, and let
§ KH is guttural and the sound is made in the back of the throat
§ OH as in the American English words oh and go
§ R's should be rolled
§ UH as in the American English word cut and tub


Invocation to Satan

Raising your energies

To correctly vibrate SATANAS

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