Reverse Torah Ritual: Serpent Empowerment for Gentiles

The words below are to be vibrated. By vibrating these words, this will remove another powerful biblical curse. The more people we have who will be doing this ritual, the better, as there is both strength and power in numbers. We are removing the weapons from the enemy's hands. The effects of this ritual will result in full power for us Gentiles.

Practice the words [I have included an mp3 of the words for you all to download], as much as you can before performing the ritual.

Vibrate the following words below 18 times. What this means is vibrate each of the words below, every word from the first word to the last. That is one time. Then, vibrate the same again and again until you have done this 18 times.


After vibrating the above paragraph 18 times, state with conviction 18 times:

Vibrate AUM

All obstacles are totally, permanently, and completely removed!
Satan is fully empowered!
Satan has Supreme and Invincible Power
Satan's Supreme and Invincible Power is Forever!

Vibrate AUM

[*All of the above together is one round]


End of Ritual


Key to pronouncing the words correctly:

§ AH as in the American English word father
§ AY as in the American English words day, say, made
§ EE as in the American English words seek and week
§ EH as in the American English words pet, set, and let
§ I is in the American English words eye, sigh, tie, might.
§ KH is guttural and the sound is made in the back of the throat
§ OH as in the American English words oh and go
§ R's should be rolled
§ UH as in the American English word cut and tub
§ UU as in the American English words sooth and tooth


Invocation to Satan

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To correctly vibrate SATANAS

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