Ritual to Incite White Awareness and Action

Either write or carve the following Runes: Óðal Sól Óss

As such the steps are simple:
1. Recite the prayer either aloud or in your mind.
2. Vibrate the Runes given.
3. Make the Affirmation for the number given.
4. Close the Ritual with a big HAIL SATAN!


*If someone cannot carve or write the Runes, or consecrate with blood, just very intently vibrate these and it should be perfectly fine! The Runes can be carved into wood, or written on paper. If you carve the Runes, vibrate each Rune while you are carving it. To increase the power of the Runes, when performing this ritual for the first time, you can stain them with your blood. Given the dire situation of our race, this ritual needs all the power we can give it. If staining in blood, this should only be done one time. You should be continuously vibrating the name of the Rune when staining it. There are different ways of vibrating the Runes. Feel free to use whatever suits you.

The Prayer:

"In The Name of Satan, we call forth the Powers of Hell, the Original, and True Gods of the White Race to come forth and manifest themselves. Satan, True God, Almighty and Ineffable, Who hast Fathered the White Aryan Race that reflects in Thine own image and likeness, we ask you to bestow your powers upon us. Awaken all of our White Aryan People to the Jewish menace that works to destroy us. Incite our White Aryan People into action. Instill our White Aryan Ancestral Pride. Awaken our White Aryan Brothers and Sisters to the Menace of Christianity, Islam, and related Jewish programs so that they all may be completely and thoroughly destroyed forever. Bestow the Power of Your Protection to our White Race and White Children worldwide. Praise, Honor and Glory be given to You, Our True Father and to Our Original Gods!! We are Your Direct Descendants and Children!!"

The Runic Vibrations:

We will vibrate the following Runes:

Now, vibrate Óðal, Sól,Óss, 88 times, while focusing on your Runes.

You vibrate these together, not separately.

Óðal, Sól, Óss is one round, then Óðal, Sól, Óss [OOO-TH-AAAL , SSSS-OOOOO-LLLL, OOOO-SSSS]...

*This is to be done in succession for 88 times total - one does all the runes and then proceeds to the affirmation.

The Affirmation:

When one is done with the total of the vibrations, they can focus intensely on the energy, and then say the following affirmation: The following is to be affirmed 1, 3 or 10 times. [SATANAS - Affirmation - SATANAS is one time. This has to be repeated 1, 3 or 10 times.]


"All White People are now racially aware
All White People are critically aware of the Jewish problem
All White People are taking action to secure the existence of our White Race
All White People are working towards a secure future for our White Children"


Vibrate AUM

After this the Ritual is to be closed with a big HAIL SATAN!