JoS Protection Ritual

One can either begin this Ritual with the formal Standard Ritual, or just instantly recite the following prayer and proceed with the Runic Vibration and then the affirmation.
This ritual is extremely simple. The power of it will be cumulative and it will manifest over time, as we will repeat it on power dates.

As such the steps are simple:
1. Vibrate the Runes Given.
2. Direct the energy through Affirmation.
3. Close the Ritual with a big Hail Satan.

The Ritual:

Runic Vibrations - The runes are to be vibrated one after in this order.

Algiz x18 Sowilo x18 - Tyr x18 [or multiplies of 18, such as 36, 72, etc etc times, however many you desire/are able to]

x18 each Rune:


The Runic Vibrations:

We will vibrate the following Runes:

[The amount of vibrations can be either 18, 10 or 40 all are equally effective, one can increase the numbers, but cannot fall to less than 10. The vibrations can be shorter and don't need to be perfect, they just to be vibrated and intended powerfully. After 40 times you can do it 60 vibrations, 80 vibrations, or 100 vibrations if one wants this]:

*This is to be done in succession - one does all the runes and then proceeds to the affirmation.




The Affirmation [To be done 1, 3 or 10 times (your choice) - SATANAS -> AFFIRMATION -> AUM is One Round:


"The Joy of Satan Ministries are always protected and completely safe, in every and all ways from any and all forms of harm and negativity.

All those who curse the Joy of Satan are cursed, and all those who bless the Joy of Satan are blessed."

Vibrate AUM

After this the Ritual is to be closed with a big HAIL SATAN!