The Grand Ritual
by High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
  1. Recite the following prayer to open the Ritual. Then, you do the Vibrations of this Ritual (they will be in bold) and declare the following prayers, once. No more will be needed. This Ritual is directly from Beelzebul Himself.
  2. This Ritual is from the Gods and I will not disclose any details about it, let those with perception understand it. It's only for this very specific life and death situation that the enemy is bringing us in. It's the price they will pay for their attacks against the Gods and Humanity.
  3. Do it mercilessly and with a pure heart, everyone.

Vibrate AUM once

Then affirm ONCE:

"Lord God Beelzebul, you who reigns the heavens and the earth, you who have went by many Names, Zeus and Baal, Father of Humanity. We petition you in this day, to open your eyes and raise from your throne. Let your Justice arrive in the human realm, let us be heard in the highest sphere, for our inquiry is one of great and dire necessity. You shall decide everything, hear our plea for Justice."

Vibrate 1 time: "IAO, IAO, IAO, IAO, IAO, IAO, IAO, IAO, IAO, IAO, IAO, IAO,"

"Gods of the heavens and the earth, you who protect humanity from wrongdoing and want to see our species thrive, bring all your judgement and all your attention to the Nation of Israel. Keep your gaze of judgement on top of these evil beings, who are trying to instigate genocide and bloodshed in humanity. Remove all their protection, all their tricks, bring them naked in front of the heavenly assembly of the Gods and the Demonic Host. Let their crimes be stopped in their tracks and fall solely upon them. Let the human realm repay them hundredfold for the pain and misery they want to bring on humanity, on innocent people's and on their future."


"Great Gods of the heavens and the earth, Satan, Beelzebul, Astarte, Azazel, Gods of all. Demons and Gods: We declare to you: The Nation of Israel and it's people are not the people of the holy books, they are not the people of God, they are not the chosen ones, they are nothing but a criminal association. Let all contracts they have made be null and void, let all the heavens and the earth see them for the unholy beings that they are. We have nulled their Torah and their works of lies. Let them be unable to hide, void all of their spiritual and material protection, sustenance and empowerment. Let them collapse entirely, completely and without the ability of recourse, eternally."


"Dearest Gods, remove all the spiritual, ethical and moral protection from the Nation of Israel and all it's inhabitants. Let their sins and karmic debts shower upon them, to bring hundredfold all the pain and misery they want to bring against humanity with their genocidal ends. Let all the blood of innocents and all their plots return upon them hundredfold. Let them be without support, without help, without backup, let them collapse in the misery of their own created afflictions."


"Dearest Gods, void and render non-existent all the spellwork of the jewish people, their Rabbis and anyone praying on their behalf. They are lying to you, Great Gods. They never belonged in the heavenly assembly and their hands are filled with the blood of the innocent and the weak. They are evil maniacs with ill intents who want to destroy humanity only for their ends. Let all they have ever made collapse and come down as arrows of painful destruction and desolation, let it all come down on them and then collapse on them before it all becomes non-existing, same as they. Let every blessing towards Israel to turn into a great curse that shall invite on them the most brutal and ultimate calamities. Let all those who support them become their enemies, for they see their true face and what they are. Let them experience the wrath, pain and genocide they are actively plotting and doing against all other human beings. Be great and unrelenting in your justice, we plea to all of you, Great Gods."


"Host of the Gods and the Demons, protect your people and the spiritual people of the planet from any calamity, damage, downfall, pain or misery. Stand above us as we are your creation, who will usher a greater aeon after the downfall of these rotten Israel and Jewish criminals. Stand above us as protection, we plea and we petition you to act for our protection, humbly and truthfully."


"Lord Gods, all of you who reign the heavens, transfer all your blessings, love, care and kindness, all your mercy and gracious caretaking to the people of the Joy of Satan. We are the real chosen people of God, who are the True sons and daughters of the Gods. Empty the assembly of the world and all it's offices of the false imposter jews, who are criminal and detestable, for they have lied and plotted the downfall of God and the Heavenly Order. Find your new home in the midst of the pure and the unadulterated hearts of your followers, us here in the Joy of Satan. Let the world first fall and then recover healed, free from the ailment of the disaster of the unholy and the impious damned souls of the enemy, above and below. We plea for your loving and caring assistance and Judgement."


Final Step:

There are no additional instructions for this Ritual.