Ritual to Incite Black Awareness and Action


Focus on the above image of the Udjat (pronounced UUDYAHT).

This is the all-seeing eye of Horus. This eye is symbolic of seeing and knowing the truth.


Raise your energies. [See link below], and recite the following prayer:

In The Name of Satan, we call forth the Powers of Hell, our Original Egyptian Gods, the True Gods of the Black Race to come forth and manifest themselves. Satan, True God, Almighty and Ineffable, we ask you to bestow your powers upon us. Awaken all of our Black People to the Jewish menace that works to enslave and to destroy us. Incite our Black People into action against them. Instill our Black African Ancestral Pride. Awaken our Black Brothers and Sisters to the Menace of Christianity, Islam, and related Jewish programs so that they all may be completely and thoroughly destroyed forever. Open the Eyes of all Black People worldwide so they can recognize and identify and know the truth about the Jewish menace that works to enslave the entire world. Praise, Honor and Glory be given to You, Our True Father and to Our Original Egyptian Gods!!

The above prayer can be either recited out loud or in your mind.

Now, vibrate
YEEMUHN RAH one time

Then, vibrate UDJAT, MA, REKH, 99 times, while focusing on the above image of the All-Seeing and Knowing Eye. You vibrate these together, not separately. UDJAT, MA, REKH is one round, then UDJAT, MA, REKH is the second round…

After vibrating the above 99 times, vibrate YEEMUHN RAH once again.

When you are finished, recite the following with intent 18 times:
Vibrate YEEMUHN RAH once again

Vibrate YEEMUHN RAH once again


Then close the ritual by stating:


PDF Copy of this Ritual

For those of you who are experienced, you can raise your energies doing whatever works for you.

Raising Your Energies